This Christmas,

The film’s official toy

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A toy for learning

great things!


Nourishes the

Create potential worlds different from the real world, leads ideas toward new places to discover.


Develops eye-hand coordination
and thinking ahead

Any place becomes a road full of exciting obstacles when there are no rules, just the game.


Practices empathy and
social relationships

Today you can be the star, challenge the rules and change your destiny.

Because playing, like driving, should be free of gender stereotypes.

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e learn all our life skills from play. That’s why it is so important that boys and girls play the same things"

José Luís Linaza Iglesias
Professor of Evolutionary Psychology and Education

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Meet the

other characters!!

They’ll tell you about themselves.

The doll

I love it when people say something is impossible. I want to show them they're wrong. You see, I’m quite stubborn and I love a challenge.

The car

I can't help it! I just can’t keep still. My engine makes me search for new adventures every day! Are you coming with me?

The pony

My friends call me the queen of the pirouettes. And they have only seen me play with a scooter! Just wait until I get out my breakdancing shoes…

The little soldier

People who know me say that I am brilliant at telling jokes. Yesterday the bricks almost fell off the house, it laughed so much

The footballer doll

Not even high heels or a big skirt are enough to hold me back. When I see a football, my determination to score takes over and there's not a goalkeeper who can stop me.

The indians

Although we make quite a din with our singing, sometimes, we're quite peaceful. We’re brilliant at making up dance routines to encourage our team.

Rag dolls

We love being together and tearing around the toy shop. Our favourite area is the Wild West fort.

Racing driver

I may be tiny, but don't underestimate me. I win every race. Well, except when I am racing against a doll.


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happy Holidays!

This Christmas,


This Christmas,

       ink and blue. Dolls and cars. Sometime in the past, we decided to draw a line between toys for boys and toys for girls, because we forgot how important play is to their learning and development. That’s why, this Christmas, Audio wanted to change the game and ask you to help us. Because playing, like driving, should be free of gender stereotypes.

Five reasons for
changing the game

According to José Luís Linaza Iglesias
Professor of Evolutionary Psychology and Education at the Universidad Autónoma de Madrid

  1. Because toys have a key role in the development of the skills, which should be developed equally by boys and girls.
  2. Because the toys we choose can influence the future interests or vocations we develop from a young age
  3. Because when we are very small, boys and girls are free of gender stereotypes and play should not encourage their development.
  4. Because toys such as cars help us with hand-eye coordination, to anticipate problems and original response; And dolls teach us empathy, social relationships and language.
  5. Because if we change the rules of the game, tomorrow’s women will become engaged in science, mathematics and engineering and tomorrow’s men will feel more confident doing domestic chores and caring for others.

This Christmas,

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Here is
the film’s official toy!

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A Car with doll included, or a doll with car included

that show us that playing, just like driving,
shouldn’t be a matter of gender.

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